About Us

Duracem Coating Industries Sdn Bhd was established in 2002 and is one of the local leaders in the supply of dry-mixed cementitious products for the building and construction industries. Our growth has been achieved by harnessing good manufacturing practices at competitive costs. We are constantly improving on the qualities.

DCI has an extensive network that represents mutually beneficial smart partnership in many neighbouring countries. Our products are exported to countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc.


Duracem's Vision is to be a multiregional and vertically intergrated cement producer. Our name is linked to quality, innovation and aspiration to build a better tomorrow for stakeholders.

We believe 2 Great names – yours and ours, will enhance further growth and development for mutual benefits in a growing building and construction industries by providing superior customer service and quality products of unsurpassed customer value.


To be the leading manufacturer of choice, providing quality proven products to the construction and renovation segments.


  • Integrity

    Our priority is to uphold the ethical standards and conducts to safeguard the trust and business principles to meet high expectation of our customers.

  • Quality Control

    We adopt stringent Quality Control in the manufacture of our products to meet the highest standards in production as required by SIRIM. Constantly strive to reduce production costs in ever changing competitive market environment. Our procurement focus is closely monitored by our quality control technicians.

  • Health & Safety

    Care is taken to protect the health & safety of all concerned by minimising any adverse effects of our activities.

  • Passion

    We are passionate in whatever we undertake. Our mission and vision to be the leader in the industry is equated to providing quality products and services. Our employees, as stakeholders, take ownership of the business, serving our customers with the desired commitment to the best of their abilities.

  • Consistency and Determination

    Commitment in consistency would be our hallmark to meet the demands of the building and construction industries. We are determined to meet the expectation of customers with products of excellence.


a. Manufacture and distribute quality dry-mixed cementitious building materials to the market place,
b. Maximise potential of our business to multinational level,
c. Creating a performance driven organisation.


Technical backup is available to ensure that problems encountered from mixing at project sites are taken care of and reduced to its minimal.


1. Skim coating products for ceiling sofits and walls plasters,
2. Tile Adhesive for wall and floor tiles, marbles, granites etc,
3. Floor Hardener for factories and godowns,
4. Renders for brick walls, hollow block wall surfaces,
5. Colored Cement for floor topping, roof ridges and land-scaping,
6. 2-Component polymer modified waterproofing slurry, and others.