Get a quick colored finish for your wall & floor with Duracem Colored Cement

Comes in 10 different colors and you can even make your own color...

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Why get Duracem's Coloured Cement?

Most walls are very plain and flat and another issue is the paint tend to get flaky and break off which requires a lot of paint to cover it up. This has been the solution but this also increases the costs. There is a more economical way to have your walls be more colorful, vibrant and full of life along with being strong and long-lasting.

With Duracem Colored Cement that does the job with over 10 different colors, and each color has excellent color smoothness during application. It also is...

  • Easy to apply with just 4 steps and does not require any additional material other than water
  • Does not break or becomes flaky easily and can consistently maintain both its color and strength
  • Gives the building a sense of uniqueness and vibrancy using various patterns or textures on the colour cement render
  • Can be used as concrete imprints for many locations such as porches, walk ways, pavements and even in land scaping projects
  • The coloured cement can even be used for the roof ridges to make it match your roof colour

What is Duracem Colored Cement?

A blend of BS 12 white Portland Cement and premium grade BS 1014 pigments. The pigments selected are resistant to fading or color running. The pigments are then grounded into the cement to ensure consistency and evenness of the colored cement.

Can be used in:

  • Colored Concrete
  • Wall & Floor Rendering
  • Pointing Mortar
  • Terrazzo Manufacturing
  • Precast Concrete Unit
  • Footpaths & Garden Paths
  • Tennis Courts
  • Floor & Floor Topping

How to Apply Duracem Colored Cement In 4 Easy Steps

1. Add In Water

2. Add In Colored Cement

3. Mix Thoroughly

4. Apply To Surface

Surface Preparation

Do take note, to properly apply Duracem Colored Cement, the surface must be prepared beforehand. Any loose or flaking materials along with any moss, weed or wall crawlers must be removed either by scrapping or brushing with a stiff bristle or putty scraper.

Another important note is make sure the surface isn't too dry because it can cause the cement to be dehydrated so spray some water before applying the cement to the surface.

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Projects with Duracem Colored Cement

Duracem Colored Cement

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Q & A

Is there more colours available?

Yes, special colors are available upon request

Can I purchase in bulk?

Yes, just talk with us to make arrangements for bulk purchasing

Where is Duracem Located?

Lot 2772H, AL220, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, Selangor, 47000 Sungai Buloh

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