Colored Cement

Roof ridges, colored concrete, wall & Floor vending, footpath, garden path, tennis courts, car porch concrete imprints

Plaster Top & Plaster Base

For plastering of ceiling soffits & walls

Tile Adhesive

for fixing wall and floor tiles

Duralite Emulsion Paint

for interior walls & ceiling

Duraseal Wall Sealer

for interior & exterior freshly rendered walls

Super Render 3 in 1

for tendering of brick walls, or flooring (use as cement-sand)

Maxiseal 99

for waterproofing of bathrooms & toilets, fish ponds, planter boxes, water tank & swimming pool

Tile Grout

for grouting of tile gaps

Joint Compound

for filling dry wall joints for a smooth gupsum panel joints can be used as skim coat plaster for ceiling soffits.

Putty Filler

for patching up cracks & holes on walls – interior and exterior

Wood Filler

for patching up cracks & holes of wood