Stain Remover

AA Stain Remover is a concentrated solution specially formulated for effective removal of stubbon stains and mould. With its germicidal formulation, it will eradicate germs, removes odour and deodorizes the air . It is most suitable for effective removal of ALGAE, SMUDGES, RUST STAINS, URINE STAINS, DIRT BUILD-UP, SOAP DEPOSITS etc on mosaic flooring, bathroom floor, bath-tub, basin, fair face brickwall etc.

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Use AA Stain Remover from the bottle as follows:
1. Squeeze a few drops onto wet floor.
2. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse.
3. For toilet bowl, squeeze a small amount around the rim. Leave for 5 minutes and flush.
4. Not recommended for granite and marble floor.


Keep out of reach of children. If accidently splashed into eyes, wash thoroughly with water.